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Comments from clients+

"Jorgelina is a wonderfully intuitive person whose ability to connect on the deepest levels and understand me is nothing short of amazing. I am grateful for everything she has done for me." James Thorpe, Mojave CA

"Jorgelina, you are a bee whose mission is to pollinate and support the growth of those around you." James Thorpe, Mojave CA

"I have been talking with Jorgelina for several years and she is always kind and compassionate. She listens attentively and gently offers suggestions as needed. Her intuition helps her hone in on what needs attending to and what is most helpful." Iris Weaver, Essex, MA

"What a fantastic experience it has been to have a "conversation" with Jorgelina. It felt like I was conversing with my own Higher Self, and it 'sparked' many intuitive images and thoughts within me. I highly recommend this wonderful experience to others!" Maggie Wood, UNIFYD

"Simple straight-forward perspectives that are straight from the heart." Gwen Ryan, Gloucester, MA

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