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Grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, 2023


Poem published in the Anthology 2022 of the
World Healing, World Peace Foundation

(page 90 on the PDF, page 66 on the anthology)

In the Breaking  (poem with original punctuation)

In 2019, sixteen publications by Jorgelina Zeoli were accepted by the Schlesinger Library,

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University


Over the Mass Grave, God among us, 2009
Film winner of a Persistence Award by Beverly Community Access Media and

a Religion and Spirituality Award (second place) from the Alliance for Community Media


My Horse and I, 2010

(Short story, Winner of an Honorable Mention, Women's Memoirs . com)

From Flashback, Part One, Healing Journey of the Abandoned Child


To study organ at The New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, MA

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