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Jorgelina's Bio

She was born in New York to Argentinean parents. The family returned to their country of origin when she was two years old. In 1979, she came back to the United States with a scholarship to study organ at the New England Conservatory of Music. A former concert organist, she specialized in the development of church music programs.

As a survivor of military violence (Argentina 1970s), childhood trauma and more, in 2005 Jorgelina began making public her healing journey through her inspirational memoirs, films, songs, video series and a musical.


Her inspirational work incorporates music, poetry, humor, art, psychological insight gained through twenty-two years of psychotherapy and a magical world of conversations between her inner child and an inner voice that she has chosen to call “God.”  Her history of trauma intertwines with a magical world where the deepest wounds are exposed and cleansed. In the end, healing, innocence, truth, hope, vulnerability, laughter and compassion prevail.

She is a Rockport resident in Massachusetts and offers her services as empathic listener and motivational speaker.

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