Empathic Listening - Intuitive Messages -

Spiritual Counseling - Personal Growth

Collaboration with Mental Health Professionals

Sessions are via zoom, phone, or in-person



   Sessions are geared towards soothing and calming emotional upset, inner or outer conflict resolution, clarity of mind, self-empowerment, identifying and countering thoughts and behaviors that may be causing inner discord, creating harmony in one's life, searching fulfillment and inner peace.
   Sessions are tailored to each client's needs and other areas of personal growth may be addressed.

   Bach Flower Essence may be suggested, depending on the case.

COST: $125.00/ one hour

 Longer sessions combining Tai Chi and/or music lessons can be tailored to fit clients needs.  This type of session facilitates the integration of body, mind and spirit.

Fees include one or more intuitive messages that Jorgelina may receive up to a week following the session.

"Jorgelina is a wonderfully intuitive person whose ability to connect on the deepest levels and understand me is nothing short of amazing. I am grateful for everything she has done for me." James Thorpe, Mojave CA

"Jorgelina, you are a bee whose mission is to pollinate and support the growth of those around you." James Thorpe, Mojave CA

I support spiritual growth and integration of spirituality into daily living. I offer empathic listening and intuitive messages.

For clients that meet me in person, I can provide integration of body mind and spirit combining music lessons (piano and singing for beginners), Tai Chi (meditation in movement) and empathic listening (I sense energy fields and facilitate transmutation of energy when the client is ready for it).

I also support building awareness of mental patterns, identifying self-defeating beliefs, shifting from helplessness to empowerment.

Besides private sessions, I look forward to collaborate with mental health practitioners to support their clients, particularly if they are stuck. Just listening to or reading their stories I sense their energy fields and receive intuitive messages.

I've written several inspirational self-help memoirs about healing from trauma without meds through psychotherapy, alternative modalities, creativity and spirituality. They can be a valuable tool for clients in therapy to find their voice and access buried emotions. These memoirs also provide great comfort for they are based on channeled conversations with God.