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Empathic Listening - Intuitive Messages -

Spiritual Counseling - Personal Growth

Collaboration with Mental Health Professionals



   Sessions are geared towards soothing and calming emotional upset, inner or outer conflict resolution, clarity of mind, self-empowerment, identifying and countering thoughts and behaviors that may be causing inner discord, creating harmony in one's life, searching fulfillment and inner peace.

   For in-person sessions, I can provide integration of body mind and spirit combining music lessons (piano and singing for beginners), Tai Chi (meditation in movement) and empathic listening (I sense energy fields and facilitate transmutation of energy when the client is ready for it).

COST: $160.00/hr.

10% Discount for advanced payment of three sessions at a time,

to be scheduled at the Client's convenience within three months of the payment date.


Just reading or listening to clients' stories I sense their energy field and receive intuitive messages.

Cost to be determined case by case.


Fees include one or more intuitive messages that I may receive up to a week following the session.

Due to EMF sensitivity I only offer phone or in-person sessions.

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