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(aired on Beverly Cable and on 1623 TV Studios, former Cape Ann TV,
and viewed at the Hamilton-Wenham Library and several churches in the North Shore of Massachusetts)

   "Over the Mass Grave - God among us," based on flashbacks of military violence in 1970s Argentina - touched my heart deeply.


   I wept and instantly felt especially grateful to be an American who lives in America. It reminded me of our precious freedoms here-- freedoms that so much of the world unfortunately does not share. What a statement it makes for the dire necessity for people to be able to immigrate. 


  "Over the Mass Grave" addresses so many fundamental human rights and needs. The topics are both timely and universal: wars, dictatorships, post traumatic stress disorder, immigration conflicts, spirituality, etc. God bless Jayzee and God bless all of her efforts.


Alyce Wherren

Gloucester, MA

Triumph of Truth (2023)
A seven-video series

Short Home Videos
(supplement to the series)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Screen shot 2010-02-27 at 2.13.11 PM-1.p

Winner of a Persistence Award

by Beverly Community Access Media,
and a Religion and Spirituality Award

by the Alliance for Community Media

"Miracles (2012)

A Spiritual Journey from Despair to Hope."

A five-part video series.

Discussions of Jorgelina's films with holistic practitioners, trauma survivors and members of different faiths.

"Reach for the Stars! Jayzee's Story" (2010)

(full length)

NOTE: film begins in silence.

     "... Jayzee's Story renders me unable to speak when I'm watching it... it was the most innovative, beautiful, moving and powerful life story and spiritual message that we have ever seen or heard.  There are a lot of audiences that need to hear and see it." 

George Bottger, Gloucester, MA


"Hi Jorgelina,
     Tonight I again watched your film of your life, and once again it brought me to my knees.

     What a beautiful, powerful message. Beyond the beauty of the music and the words, I am particularly taken by the picture it paints of your relationship with the God of your understanding, and of the inspirational messages it leaves viewers with at the end."

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