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Gloucester, MA



(minimum 6 students)


 Private Instruction:

$45/half an hour

$65/forty-five minutes

$90/one hour

Two participants:

$35/each, half hour

"Jorgelina is patient and personable—able to interact with a variety of different people/personalities.  Her humor and genuine warmth put people at ease.  With positive feedback, she inspires her students to grow and expand beyond what they first thought possible.  She brings out the best in the people with whom she works."

Rev. Dr. Marlayna Schmidt

UCC Minister, Former Tai Chi-Student

Beverly, Massachusetts


foto tai chi.jpg

Jorgelina Zeoli in her late teens, practicing Tai Chi.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

     Jorgelina learned Tai chi in her youth, in Argentina, under Mrs. Felicitas de Epstein, and has specialized in teaching beginning students.  She has taught at her former Tai Chi studio in Essex, for the Beverly Recreation Department, and for Salem Park and Recreation. She has also taught at a private park in Salem, MA, at the Essex Yoga Coop, at the Beverly Cove Community Center, at Floating Lotus in Gloucester, at the First Methodist Church in S. Hamilton and at First Parish Church in Manchester by the Sea.


Tai Chi, a sequence of slow, flowing movements based on Chinese Martial Arts, supports memory, flexibility, circulation, better sleep, balance, stress reduction,  coordination, concentration, and  much more.


Tai Chi is meditation in movement. It supports any spiritual practice and facilitates the integration of body, mind and spirit.

foto 2.jpg
foto 7.jpeg

Tai Chi class at the Beverly Senior Center, a program of the Beverly Recreation Department.

Photo courtesy of Joscelyn Ruelle-Kersker, Beverly, MA 01915.

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