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The Way Out, Part Two

Higher Intelligence and the inner child

One day,

in my early fifties,

a stuffed little monkey

smiled at me from a windowsill and boom.
Love at first sight.

Monkey came into my life

and changed it forever.

The next thing I know,

I'm carrying Monkey in my arms,

around the house and into the world.

I didn't know it then,

through Monkey,
I had finally connected

to my inner child.


It was during that vacation with Monkey

that I had the insight:

My life had become a desperate race

to maintain my house,

to pay a mortgage,

a race that was a superimposed structure

on what my life was truly meant to be,

a structure that was crushing

my essence,

an essence that I was beginning

to have glimpses of.

I carried within

a magical world of healing,

healing I desperately needed


It was through my adorable

stuffed animals

that I learned to love myself.

Holding them and hugging them

in tears

during therapy sessions,

I'd feel a level of comfort

that I couldn't find anywhere else.

It looked like

I was holding them.

In reality, they were holding me.

They were me.
I was holding myself.


I had to simplify my life,

I had to break the grip

of that structure that suffocated me

so that my essence could surface

and heal.

I had to simplify my life

so that I could write.

It was clear.

I had to sell the house.



Never underestimate

the power

of stuffed animals


my stuffed animals


my innocence

the innocence

of the child within



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