51 pages

paperback, pocket size, 4.25x5.5

spiral bind

The Way Out - Part Two
Higher Intelligence
and the Inner Child


Pink cover, $14.00

Off-white cover,

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photo teddy bear Parker.jpeg

"Bless you for how you've expressed the magical and healing world of stuffed animals. I've never read words so completely beautiful and true. I know I was meant to have your book. Thank you. Your book has helped me in a profound and healing way. Much love to Monkey and the whole gang. With gratitude, Hope and Parker"

This is Parker.

Photo courtesy Hope and Parker.

My life had become a desperate race
to maintain my house,
to pay a mortgage,
a race that was a superimposed structure
on what my life was truly meant to be,
a structure that was crushing
my essence...
I carried within
a magical world of healing...