The toxicity of the news

            creates negative reactions.


The fear,




provoked by the news

(or by any other situation for that matter)

fuels the toxicity of the environment.

Remaining calm,



counteracts the toxicity.

One can choose to be actively non-reactive.

One can choose

to stop dumping one's own negativity

into the environment,

as justified as that negativity may seem.



The bigger plan involves

the evolution of humanity,

the evolution of society,

a process that, believe it or not,

is already in the making.

Collapse and rebirth

are happening simultaneously.

One chooses

which side to tune into.

Or one walks the middle of the road,

with an eye on each process,

or two eyes on one process.

It all depends

on how many eyes you have.

When The Third Eye wakes up,

the fun begins.


While waiting,

one keeps the focus on the path

taking one small step in front of the other.

The path gets pointed at from within

or from outside signals.

One learns to recognize the signals.

Some call it miracles, or angels,

or coincidences.

Words don't matter.

What matters is to learn to recognize

the guidance and follow it.

The path is unique to each individual,

for each individual is unique.

Honoring one's uniqueness

leads to the path,

and the path leads to one's uniqueness.


Quitting jobs

that were not right for me,

I did it a few times.

I was taking care of myself.

"But the money!

How are you going to pay your bills!"

I know.

My head kept saying that,

but my gut has great lungs

if you know what I mean,

and my gut kept screaming:
"Get out of that job!

It's bad for you! It's bad for you!"

And so I did.

Time and time and time again.

But that's just me.

That's my weird strike.


You make a commitment

to be true to yourself.

Voice: how can I be true to myself

if I don't know who I am?

Well, see?

That's a very good question right there.

Been there, done that.

The answer?


You've gotta know what you think,

what you feel,

              what you want.

Voice: oh wow.

Oh wow is right.


the creation of a New World

involves breaking out of old patterns,

it requires passion,




it requires change,





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