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Vacation with Monkey

Conversations with my innocence

A magical memoir

Jay: funny, isn’t it, Monkey?

        two tables full of ladies

                                having breakfast

and we’re all alone at a

                                separate table




-too many ladies scare you,

                                       don’t they?




-but being alone is no fun




-makes you sad




-being alone makes you sad




-you feel like crying, Monkey?




Darn. No tissues.



I went looking for a tissue

and saw another lady alone,

 and now I don’t feel so weird anymore.




God: so when there are more of your kind

           you don’t feel weird, right?

Jay: right


God: so you need to find more of your kind, baby


Jay: where are they, God?

I just don’t seem to find them


Having breakfast with yapping ladies

is not my thing, I’m just so silent,

                        except when I talk to you


July 23, 2003

12:35 p.m.

-thank you God


-for keeping mosquitoes away from us

-don't mention it, dear

-that really was a miracle

-yeah, I sort of was in the mood

-don't you get anxious, God,

performing miracles?

what if you screw up?

-ha, wouldn't be the first time

God: that’s something, isn’t it, Jay?

why can you talk to me

but not to the ladies?


Jay: because you love me,

                        because I’m not afraid of you


God: so you’re silent because

you feel scared and not loved


I'm silent

because i feel scared and not loved


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