There are no refunds, except in special circumstances and at the discretion of the instructor.



Students are welcome to have make-ups for classes they miss.


 Make-ups can only be taken while attending a class that has been paid for. 


Make-ups cannot be utilized as the beginning or ending segments of a sequence of paid classes.

Make ups for classes missed by students are only a courtesy. The instructor does not guarantee that there will be a class that might fit the students' level or schedule to take such make-up.



The instructor makes every effort to keep cancelations down to the minimum. The instructor will schedule make-ups for classes canceled due to severe weather, instructor's short-term illness, certain holidays (see below, "HOLIDAYS") or other reasons. Students have no obligation to attend rescheduled classes. There will be no refund for rescheduled classes. The cost of rescheduled classes cannot be applied to the next month's payment.



Classes that fall on Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day do not get included in the monthly payment. Classes that fall on all other holidays get included in the monthly payment. Classes that fall on holidays and are included in the monthly payment will be either rescheduled or held on the actual holiday, to be determined close to the date.



Occasionally, in small groups, only one student comes to class. When this happens, it becomes a 1/2 hour private lesson for $15. That one student has the choice: to take that shorter private session or to make up that class attending a different group.

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These policies are subject to change without notice.