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A wide range under two umbrellas:


a) "Overcoming Human Suffering"


b) "How to lead a meaningful life in a world that is collapsing."

Both umbrellas are linked by the concept of self-empowerment towards the creation of a better world.

Presentations may include short readings from her inspirational books.




a) group discussion


b) presentation followed by discussion

c) discussion of her film "Reach for the Stars! Jayzee's Story"


d) other


a) trauma survivors or anyone actively seeking to overcome their suffering and reach a fulfilling, meaningful life    

b) those seeking to tap into their mind power

c) spiritual seekers (non-denominational)

d) Holistic mental health practitioners. One of many possible topics:

"My inner child." Based on inner work done through creativity, spirituality, energy healing and over two decades in psychotherapy. This presentation incorporates readings from her channeled inspirational memoirs and illustrations by her inner child. (Interactive session.)



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