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Flashback Series

"You write from a heart that both knows and weathers life's storms. May you continue to share the treasures within you, the stars of eternity..."
Sr. Catherine Owens, Sisters of Notre Dame, Ipswich, MA (Part One)

"I  read the whole Flashback this afternoon. I couldn't stop..." Sr. Catherine Owens, Sisters of Notre Dame, Ipswich, Massachusetts (Part Two)


"Jorgelina Zeoli gives a rare exposé of the process of recovery from a shattered self to a whole, loving human being. She reveals how one can  triumph over abandonment, abuse, depression and despair. Her writing is compelling, courageous, witty, wise, insightful, compassionate, inspirational." Dr. Barbara Lavi, Clinical Psychologist. Weston, CT (Part Four)

    "Flashback, Part Four is the next chapter of A. Jorgelina Zeoli's journey toward healing from the dual traumas of abandonment and yet total control by her mother. In this important volume, described as an autobiographical novel, Zeoli's conversations with God and her three therapists enable her to share her story of learning to become herself. If you have been trapped by childhood or even adult traumas, Flashback with its charming line drawings may help you find your own way."

   Matilda Butler,

   Winner of the 2008 IPPY

National Book Award, Bronze Medal

   Winner of the Indie Excellence Award Finalist

"Completely swept away by her story and style of presentation ... I chuckled and cried with the wisdom of her inner child."

E. Potter, Byfield, MA (Flashback, Parts One through Four)

"Your book has absolutely  touched my heart... Your books are definitely going to transform anyone, anyone who reads them."

Jeanne Romansky, Hypnotherapist, Cape Ann, MA (Flashback, Part Two)

"Dear Jorgelina, I thank you, for your courage may be the way to find my own courage." Patrick Zeoli, Germany (Flashback, Part One)

​"Flashback is WONDERFUL on so many levels! Funny, sad, jubilant, triumphant ... Words just don't do it justice. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit by reading it, at any age and any stage of life." Paula Chesbrough, Newton, MA

"Thank you so much for sharing your life's pain, suffering, recovery, redemption and transformation with me. ... Thanks for your book, your testament to the power of the human spirit!" Louis Bonar, Brighton, MA

"I could not put it down! So many thoughts touched my heart. You reached into the core of despair and  yanked out emotion. And the poetry was captivating." Deb Debski, Beverly, Massachusetts

"From Tragedy, Hope is Born, and You ARE that Hope, Jorgelina! Your Courage Leads the Way..." Lois-JungleJack (Part Six)


"A powerful, moving and deeply troubling treatise about clergy sexual abuse in a UCC church.  It deserves widespread exposure and demonstrates the need for church renewal and accountability." George Bottger, Gloucester, MA (Part Six, A field with a million crosses)



The Way Out









"Inspiring and Deep....Your Message is TRUTH!" Lois-JungleJack

"Once touched by the DIVINE, never the same." Ana C. (UNIFYD)


God, You're driving me Bananas!

"I've just started 'God, You’re Driving Me Bananas' last night and every page had something that either made me laugh or cry. I love the idea of a personal relationship and dialogue with a funny, irreverent and loving God! It’s so different from my Catholic upbringing . 


Your books are so wonderful, brave, funny and brilliant and I feel like each one is a gift."

Hope Egan, Burlington, MA


Alzheimer's, Journey of a Caregiver

"It's 2 a.m. here in the dark.  The only light is from my phone while reading the 120 pages. I'm forever grateful for every word in the letter you read to your mother.  The entire 120 pages I consider answered prayer for me.  Thank you for your inner work and writings."

Cyndy Doxtator

(Alzheimer's, Journey of a caregiver)

"There's an ongoing love expressed through lively communication, good humor and genuine intelligence coming from beyond the disease. The dialogues with Nenetita are really surprising because of their coherent semantics. Like questions or answers of exceptionally gifted children, which may be celebrated as witty, yet could actually be expressions of a very capable brain."

Violeta Hemsy de Gainza, Music Pedagogue

Buenos Aires, Argentina



Responses to my writings on UNIFYD

"Jorgelina. please guide us with your wisdom.

P.S. I love the Conversations with God material." Caroline Vallat

“I thank you, dear Jorgelina, for all that you are doing.

Please continue to give your blessings to the young people on UNIFYD;

we need your guidance." Caroline Vallat

"...very small books (they will fit in your back pocket), chock full of esoteric wisdom."

Gera Shumaker, Owner, DARK STAR PHILOSOPHIA, Rockport, MA (Part One and Part Two)

"Bless you for how you've expressed the magical and healing world of stuffed animals. I've never read words so completely beautiful and true. I know I was meant to have your book. Thank you. Your book has helped me in a profound and healing way. Much love to Monkey and the whole gang. With gratitude, Hope and Parker" (Part Two)

(Left: Parker. Photo Hope Eagan.)

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