"Completely swept away by her story and style of presentation ... I chuckled and cried with the wisdom of her inner child. "

         E. Potter

Byfield, MA

     "Your book has absolutely  touched my heart... Your books are definitely going to transform anyone, anyone who reads them."

Jeanne Romansky


Cape Ann, MA

    "You write from a heart that both knows and weathers life's storms. May you continue to share the treasures within you, the stars of eternity ..."

Sr. Catherine Owens

Sisters of Notre Dame,

Ipswich, MA

"Dear Jorgelina,

      I thank you, for your courage may be the way to find my own courage."

 Patrick Zeoli


     "Flashback is WONDERFUL on so many levels! Funny, sad, jubilant, triumphant ... Words just don't do it justice. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit by reading it, at any age and any stage of life." 

Paula Chesbrough

Senior Vice President and

Chief Information Officer

Eagle's Bank, Everett, MA

     "I could not put it down! So many thoughts touched my heart. You reached into the core of despair and  yanked out emotion. And the poetry was captivating."

Deb Debski

Beverly, Massachusetts

      "Thank you so much for sharing your life's pain, suffering, recovery, redemption and transformation with me. ... Thanks for your book, your testament to the power of the human spirit!"

Louis Bonar

Brighton, MA

    "I  read the whole Flashback this afternoon. I couldn't stop. I love the story, gently unfolding with its wonderful, insightful dialogue between Jay and God."


Sr. Catherine Owens

Sisters of Notre Dame

Ipswich, Massachusetts