Potential areas of collaboration with mental health professionals or groups
Cost will be determined case by case.
Initial consultation: $30.00/half hour or $60.00/hr.
Paypal payments. (I will send a link.)
Thank you for your interest!

a) Consultation regarding clients, with or without client's involvement. Because "I was there," I can sense the client's perspective. I used to be silent and now I can give a voice to those that are still trapped.

b) Information about holistic and non-conventional techniques or activities that may supplement and stimulate the client's process in therapy.

c) Used with caution, my books can facilitate the access to deeply hidden emotions, as well as bring comfort through the spiritual component, humor, poetry and creativity. 

d) Study groups of my books for therapists or clients geared toward specific needs. Some topics covered are: childhood trauma, psychosis in the family, PTSD, the immigrant, Alzheimer's, reconnection to Source (God, Universe, non-denominational), search for one's truth and life purpose. From despair to hope, from helplessness to empowerment.

e) Tai Chi classes focused on the integration of body, mind and spirit. The slow flowing movements and deep breathing support transcending the mental/emotional turmoil and reaching deeper spaces within where there is calmness. Tai Chi is meditation in movement.

f) Study groups could incorporate Tai Chi movement.


"I couldn't put it down.

So many  thoughts touched my heart.


You reached into the core of despair and yanked out emotion.

The poetry was captivating."


Deb Debski, Beverly, MA

(about Flashback Part One,

Healing Journey of the Abandoned Child)