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Original conversations. An unpolished manuscript.

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Esotericism. From trauma to soul evolution.


Conversations with Maggie is a transcription of comments that followed my posts on UNIFYD, a social media platform with no censorship populated largely by the spiritual community.

   Although originally not intended as such, this dialogue exemplifies empathic listening and transmutation of energy, which often takes place during sessions with my clients.



"What a fantastic experience it has been to have a "conversation" with Jorgelina. It felt like I was conversing with my own Higher Self, and it 'sparked' many intuitive images and thoughts within me. I highly recommend this wonderful experience to others!" Maggie Wood, UNIFYD

Some topics covered


Raising levels of consciousness, PTSD, healing, forgiveness, karma, past lives, life purpose, the Night of the Soul, the Divine Feminine, God.


Beliefs, possibilities, spiritual growth, closed mind and miscommunication, journey to one’s divinity.


About judgment, difference of opinions, forgiveness, self-awareness and blossoming. About power and oneness. About The Shift.


About conflict resolution, understanding, respect, harmlessness.


About triggers, self-awareness,  the Soul Tribe, empowering one another, speaking Truth, holding space.


Paths of the Spiritual Philosopher and the Spiritual Warrior



Psychic gifts.


Intellectual activity versus being in The Now. Spiritual bypassing. Choice.


Sword of the Spirit Warrior. Conversations with Maggie, PDF

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