A memoir about clergy sexual abuse in the United Church of Christ. Based on conversations with God.

PDF, 386 pages


self-help, inspirational

"As the roar of a wounded lion, our cry will be heard. I promise you. The Truth shall be revealed and the agonizing cry of women victims of clergy sexual abuse will be heard."


"From Tragedy, Hope is Born, and You ARE that Hope, Jorgelina! Your Courage Leads the Way, and I am Grateful. Thank You for Being!" Lois-JungleJack 

"I lack the words to adequately describe the empathy/compassion I have for you as a result of your experience with this warped man of the cloth. At this point, it almost seems to me like you are fighting not just an institution or family of institutions, but the worst part of humanity." George Bottger, MA


Flashback Part Six, "A Field with a Million Crosses"

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