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When something feels off in the therapy session

It may be your intuition speaking. If you don't feel guided or held in a way that feels safe, something may not be right.

I spent over two decades in therapy. The warmth and the safety provided by one of my therapists propelled me forward in extraordinary ways.

The human connection and the chemistry with the therapist plays an essential part in the healing process. At least that has been my experience.

I refused meds, methods and techniques, including emdr (I stopped at the second session) and did it my way. The healing process dictates itself from within. Learning to trust it, and to trust oneself, is essential.

If you feel your therapist is just directing you through steps of a particular method but doesn't check on you, ignoring how you feel as you go through it, they may not have enough experience and/or empathy.

Healing happens in a myriad of ways. it is uncharted territory. it is not just about following steps.

You could address your concerns with them although they may not be able to understand what you are talking about. Communication and standing one's ground is also an important part of the process.

It's very important to honor one's intuition.

Through the years I've encountered irresponsible counselors and have also recognized a good number of them on social media.

Therapy is soul surgery. We put our soul in the hands of the professional. Developing trust on this person is essential. And our trust needs to be held by them with great respect, sensitivity and responsibility. When this does not happen they can do us harm, they can repeat injuries.

Bad therapists can do a lot of damage and exacerbate our pain beyond measure. I've gone through that a couple of times.

Don't ignore red flags. Your life may depend on it. Literally.

Due to relocation (theirs and mine) I had to change therapists a few times. I would interview them before starting treatment, and a couple of times I dropped them very quickly when things didn't feel right.

The real guidance comes from within. Learning to tune into it is a powerful tool.

Ultimately, healing is a return to one's soul.

My free e-book "The Way Out" gives techniques to strengthen the intuition and loads of other insights. The Way Out is a self-help memoir, easy-read, pocket size pages.

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