A magical memoir based on channeled conversations between Jorgelina's inner child and God.

The Flashback Series
The story of an indomitable spirit
whose mind
-shattered by trauma-
refuses to give up

"Completely swept away by her story and style of presentation ... I chuckled and cried with the wisdom of her inner child. " E. Potter, Byfield, MA Flashback Series, Parts One through Four)

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Flashback, Part One
Healing Journey of the Abandoned Child

​"Flashback is WONDERFUL on so many levels! Funny, sad, jubilant, triumphant ... Words just don't do it justice. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit by reading it, at any age and any stage of life." Paula Chesbrough, Newton, MA


"Thank you so much for sharing your life's pain, suffering, recovery, redemption and transformation with me. ... Thanks for your book, your testament to the power of the human spirit!" Louis Bonar, Brighton, MA

"You write from a heart that both knows and weathers life's storms. May you continue to share the treasures within you, the stars of eternity ..." Sr. Catherine Owens, Sisters of Notre Dame, Ipswich, MA

"I could not put it down! So many thoughts touched my heart. You reached into the core of despair and  yanked out emotion. And the poetry was captivating." Deb Debski, Beverly, Massachusetts




Flashback, Part Two, Argentina


"Your book has absolutely  touched my heart... Your books are definitely going to transform anyone, anyone who reads them." Jeanne Romansky, Hypnotherapist. Cape Ann, MA




Flashback, Part Three, The Immigrant



Flashback, Part Four, Trapped





     The author faces the deepest truths about the relationship with her mentally ill mother. As she moves forward on this excruciating path, she rediscovers the innocence, the tenderness, the humor and the joy of her true self.

    "Jorgelina Zeoli gives a rare exposé of the process of recovery from a shattered self to a whole, loving human being. She reveals how one can  triumph over abandonment, abuse, depression and despair. Her writing is compelling, courageous, witty, wise, insightful, compassionate, inspirational."

Dr. Barbara Lavi, Clinical Psychologist. Weston, CT




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