The Flashback Series

Flashback, Part One

Healing Journey of the Abandoned Child


   Jay (Jorgelina Zeoli) dives into devastating memories of childhood trauma and finds her abandoned inner child letting herself die of sheer despair. Through tears, play and laughter with God, and supported by her psychotherapist, Jay comes out triumphant, leaving behind the desire to die. 

Flashback, Part Two, Argentina


   Jorgelina writes about her life as a young woman in Argentina struggling with the dysfunction in the relationship with her self-absorbed parents. She also shares her heartbreak as she says goodbye to her home country. As in all her books, the author exposes her naked soul to God and the reader, incorporating humor, psychological insight, spirituality, compassion and forgiveness.

Flashback, Part Three, The Immigrant


   Just arrived from Argentina, twenty-seven year-old Fiery Jay (Jorgelina Zeoli) faces the challenges of the immigrant. Flashbacks of the horrors lived under the Argentinean military junta add to the devastation of her already traumatized mind. But help is on the way! A magical world of Light infuses despairing moments with hope, comfort, and lightheartedness, bringing about transformation and healing.

Flashback, Part Four, Trapped


     The author faces the deepest truths about the relationship with her mentally ill mother. As she moves forward on this excruciating path, she rediscovers the innocence, the tenderness, the humor and the joy of her true self.

Flashback, Part Five,    Volcano

Flashback, Part Six,      A Field with a Million Crosses

Flashback, Part Seven, Alzheimer's