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Flashback Part Four

to those

whose essence

has been buried alive


may our true self

find its way

 back to life

Fl 4, jorgi en porche, trapped.jpg

eternity 2010





God: do you still feel all black and blue inside?


Jay: are you kidding me?! it’s all gone!


God: wow


The Guys (my stuffed animals): wow! wow!


Jay: that’s what I say


God: we’ve come a long way, huh?


Jay: tell me about it,

we’re leaving the pain behind


The Guys: bye bye!  bye bye!


God: you’ve worked so hard, baby,

to reach this place


Jay: hard work is the name of the game, buddy


God: yes, it is


Jay: couldn’t have done it without you


God: it’s been my pleasure, little one

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