Flashback, Part Four



"to those whose essence

has been buried alive"

    "Jorgelina Zeoli gives a rare expose of the process of recovery from a shattered self to a whole, loving human being. She reveals how one can  triumph over abandonment, abuse, depression and despair. Her writing is compelling, courageous, witty, wise, insightful, compassionate, inspirational."

Dr. Barbara Lavi

Clinical Psychologist

Weston, CT

    "Flashback, Part Four is the next chapter of A. Jorgelina Zeoli's journey toward healing from the dual traumas of abandonment and yet total control by her mother. In this important volume, described as an autobiographical novel, Zeoli's conversations with God and her three therapists enable her to share her story of learning to become herself. If you have been trapped by childhood or even adult traumas, Flashback with its charming line drawings may help you find your own way."

   Matilda Butler, WomensMemoirs.com


   Winner of the 2008 IPPY

National Book Award, Bronze Medal


   Winner of the Indie Excellence Award Finalist


eternity 2003






Jay: am I a mouse?


God: no Jay, you are not a mouse


Jay: oh, ok







Jay: I really really really like cheese,

are you sure I’m not a mouse?


God: I’m sure, little one, I’m sure


Jay: oh, ok









God: JAY,




Jay: aren’t we cranky today


God: sorry, Jay,

t’s the scandal in the church,

it’s driving me nuts


Jay: join the club, God,

join the club

eternity 2008






Jay: how about a church mouse?

would you say I’m a church mouse?


God: you don’t give up,

do you, Jay?


Jay: never, I never give up


God: I didn’t think so


Jay: I didn’t think so either


God: ok


Jay: ok

God: I was just testing you, Jay


Jay: you were testing me?!

don’t you think

I’ve been tested enough?!


God: don’t take it personally, Jay,

I was just checking

the status of your mouse identity


Jay: the status of my mouse identity?!


God: some things

are not worth fighting for, little one


Jay: all right then,

let’s forget about my mouse identity


God: that’s a wonderful thing to say, Jay,

let’s just forget

about your mouse identity






Jay: I am not a mouse


God: you are not?!


Jay: nope,

I am a Warrior


God: there are Warrior Mice too, Jay,

did you know that?


Jay: now you are planting

            the seed of doubt in me?


God: we only want good seeds


Jay: I would think so,

and you were giving me a bad seed?

what kind of God are you?