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Journey of a Caregiver

________ Memoir - Self-Help________


Part One, The Heartbreak:  As the only caregiver of her elderly mother with dementia, Jorgelina Zeoli comes to understand that taking care of her at home is humanly impossible.

Part Two, Overdosed: This section raises awareness about the need for advocacy for nursing home residents, the importance of family involvement in their loved one's care and, in particular, the potentially deadly consequences of overmedication. "Overdosed" also addresses the issue of caregivers' burnout.

Part Three, Lethargy:  Jorgelina Zeoli describes her agony while trying to conquer the lethargy that threatens to take her mother's life. She also makes reference to her efforts at bringing harmony to complex interactions with nursing home staff and expresses her heartfelt gratitude for the care given to her mother, Nenetita.


Nenetita:  A collection of anecdotes taken from Jorgelina’s letters to her family during her mother's last years, this section reveals their relationship, filled with tenderness and humor, as they both struggle through Nenetita's illness, Alzheimer's disease. This anecdotes ride on the evolution of the the disease and portray the process of deterioration of Nenetita's mind.


      Guilt of the Caregiver came about as a response to the anguish of an audience of caregivers at one of Jorgelina Zeoli’s presentations of her four-booklet series Journey of a Caregiver.

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