Basilica del Santisimo Rosario

Buenos Aires, Argentina




     Jorgelina was born in New york, to Argentinean parents. The family returned to Argentina when she was two years old. As a young woman, Jorgelina worked as research assistant to her mother in the field of Mathematical Education. She also worked as assistant organist at the Basilica del Santisimo Rosario in Buenos Aires, with her father, Hector Zeoli, who was an organist and composer. Jorgelina began an organ recital career in Argentina and in 1979 she came back to the United States to study at The New England conservatory of Music.



     Although eventually she gave up both her career as concert organist (and, recently, her career as church musician altogether) church music was always her passion, which led her to specialize in the development of church music programs. She worked as organist, singer, choir director and music director since her teen years, in Argentina, through 2011, here in the United States.

     Having had a life filled with tragedy, including going through military violence under the Argentinean military junta, childhood losses, neglect and abandonment, and much more, in 1986 she sought out professional help. Once in therapy, the path of self-knowledge, which she found fascinating, eventually became intertwined with intense spiritual experiences.


     In 2005 Jorgelina began making public her healing journey from trauma through her musical God on the Back burner, Call of the Broken Heart. In this production, her part consisted of acting, singing, playing piano and organ, directing choir and instruments from the organ console, and producing.


Jorgelina Zeoli


Author - Speaker - Video-Producer -  Musician

    Her four-book inspirational memoir Flashback followed, based on conversations between her inner child (Jay) and God. Then came her musical videos Over the Mass Grave, God among us, and Reach for the Stars! Jayzee's Story. The video-series Miracles, A Spiritual Journey from Despair to Hope, followed.


     Over the Mass Grave, a testimonial about the military regime in Argentina, won a Persistence Award from Beverly Community Access Media and a Religion and Spirituality Non-Professional Award (second place) from the Alliance for Community Media. All her videos were aired on Beverly Cable and Cape Ann TV.

Jorgelina's inner child and God

     In 2010 she wrote the collection Jorgelina's Songs, Inspirational Music for a New Earth. 


     In 2014 came the five-book collection Rebirth from Ashes and in 2015, the three-book series about Alzheimer's Disease, Journey of a Caregiver.

     In recent years she self-published The Way Out, God, You're Driving me Bananas! (Escape from stress), Vacation with Monkey (Conversations with my innocence), and (in Spanish), Recuerdos de mi Argentina and Las Cartas de Jorgelina.

     Currently, Jorgelina freelances as music teacher and Tai Chi instructor, and she continues writing.

    Jorgelina's autobiographical work reveals the fabric of her life: her laughter, her heartbreaks, her growth, her healing.

   Her work has not been marketed yet. 

The best gift ever ...

A gigantic toilet bowl to flush flashbacks!

(From Flashback, Part Four, page 262.)

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