"I could not put it down! So many thoughts touched my heart. You reached into the core of despair and  yanked out emotion. And the poetry was captivating."

Deb Debski

Beverly, Massachusetts
(Flashback, Part One)

      "Thank you so much for sharing your life's pain, suffering, recovery, redemption and transformation with me. ... Thanks for your book, your testament to the power of the human spirit!"

Louis Bonar

Brighton, MA

(Flashback, Part One)

    "I  read the whole Flashback this afternoon. I couldn't stop. I love the story, gently unfolding with its wonderful, insightful dialogue between Jay and God."


Sr. Catherine Owens

Sisters of Notre Dame

Ipswich, Massachusetts

(Flashback, Part Two)

     "Completely swept away by her story and style of presentation ... I chuckled and cried with the wisdom of her inner child. "

         E. Potter

Byfield, MA

(Flashback Series, Parts One through Four)

     "Your book has absolutely  touched my heart... Your books are definitely going to transform anyone, anyone who reads them."

Jeanne Romansky


Cape Ann, MA

(Flashback, Part Two)

    "You write from a heart that both knows and weathers life's storms. May you continue to share the treasures within you, the stars of eternity ..."

Sr. Catherine Owens

Sisters of Notre Dame, Ipswich, MA

(Flashback, Part One)

"I've just started 'God, You’re Driving Me Bananas' last night and every page had something that either made me laugh or cry. I love the idea of a personal relationship and dialogue with a funny, irreverent and loving God! It’s so different from my Catholic upbringing . 


Your books are so wonderful, brave, funny and brilliant and I feel like each one is a gift."

Hope Egan
Burlington, MA

"Its 2 am here in the dark.  The only light is from my phone while reading the 120 pages. 

I'm forever grateful for every word in the letter you read to your mother.  The entire 120 pages I consider answered prayer for me.  Thank you for your inner work and writings."

Cyndy Doxtator

(Alzheimer's, Journey of a caregiver)


"Bless you for how you've expressed the magical and healing world of stuffed animals. I've never read words so completely beautiful and true. I know I was meant to have your book. Thank you. Your book has helped me in a profound and healing way. Much love to Monkey and the whole gang. With gratitude, Hope and Parker"

Hope Egan

Burlington, MA

(and Teddy Bear Parker)

(The Way Out, Part Two)

   "Flashback is WONDERFUL on so many levels! Funny, sad, jubilant, triumphant ... Words just don't do it justice. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit by reading it, at any age and any stage of life." 

Paula Chesbrough

Senior Vice President and

Chief Information Officer

Eagle's Bank, Everett, MA

"Jorgelina is a wonderfully intuitive person whose ability to connect on the deepest levels and understand me is nothing short of amazing. I am grateful for everything she has done for me." James Thorpe, Mojave CA

"You are a bee whose mission is to pollinate and support the growth of those around you!"

James Thorpe, Mojave CA

dance back.JPG


"Jorgelina is patient and personable—able to interact with a variety of different people/personalities.  Her humor and genuine warmth put people at ease.  With positive feedback, she inspires her students to grow and expand beyond what they first thought possible.  She brings out the best in the people with whom she works."

Rev. Dr. Marlayna Schmidt

UCC Minister, Former Tai Chi-Student

Beverly, Massachusetts


"Jorgelina can immediately sense when a student has understood and when they have not, and tailors her teaching exactly to the right level."

Nancy Zabe

Waltham, Massachusetts


 "Her patience and understanding for the beginner students was remarkable and I personally regained a lot of confidence in my own singing."

Michael J. Bane, DDS, Cambridge


…"I really loved how you supported and encouraged your students. A lot of love you’re giving out there!"

Becky Williams, Coordinator

Cape Ann Time Bank

Gloucester, Massachusetts