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20 minute free phone consultation.

Individuals: $150/hr.

Couples:     $250/hr.
Available for self-empowerment interactive presentations. Organizer must provide a venue.


To book my services, please contact me at


Clients Comments

"Jorgelina is a wonderfully intuitive person whose ability to connect on the deepest levels and understand me is nothing short of amazing. I am grateful for everything she has done for me." James Thorpe, Mojave CA

"Jorgelina, you are a bee whose mission is to pollinate and support the growth of those around you." James Thorpe, Mojave CA

Additional Clients' Comments

Readers' Comments

"You write from a heart that both knows and weathers life's storms..."
Sr. Catherine Owens, Sisters of Notre Dame, Ipswich, MA


"Your book has absolutely  touched my heart... Your books are definitely going to transform anyone who reads them."

Jeanne Romansky, Hypnotherapist, Cape Ann, MA


Thank you for your book, your testament to the power of the human spirit!" Louis Bonar, Brighton, MA


"From Tragedy, Hope is Born, and You ARE that Hope, Jorgelina! Your Courage Leads the Way..." Lois-JungleJack (Unifyd, social media)

Additional Readers' Comments

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