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(All works intertwine and supplement one another

Overcoming human suffering without meds-

(healing from trauma)

Soul evolution-

Creation of a New World-


memoirs - poetry - art - music - humor


A Message from Jorgelina

During these unprecedented times many have a need to be comforted, soothed; there is a need for strength, courage, resiliency, lightheartedness; there is a need for meaning.


There is a need for Guidance towards higher levels of consciousness.


I’ve had a life of great suffering, survived The Dark Night of the Soul and learned much about the movement from despair to hope, from helplessness to empowerment.


The walk through life is different for everyone.


Ultimately, it is about finding the way to the depths of one’s being where there’s Peace regardless of external circumstances. 


I share my life story - my walk towards inner peace - through my inspirational memoirs, films and songs.


In the midst of the current chaos A New Earth is being birthed. It is not happening “out there”. It happens through the choice of one individual at a time. The choice to examine, to study where The Power resides, the choice to tap into it. 


“The Power” is within.

That’s where The Journey towards a New Earth begins.

Stay safe everyone, be kind, and when you are down... reach out... there is more help for you than you know...

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